Thursday, 26 February 2015

26th February 2015

When obs regular Derek arrived in this mornings rain he reported that the Common Seal was still present near the main slipway, and Dave from the ranger service brought across Sarah of the marine rescue service and Phillipa a vet from Leahurst to have a look at it. The opinion was that it may have a gum problem and it was given an antibiotic injection and then released on the east side of the island as it was thought to be well enough to look after itself. Photo below, Phillipa, Sarah and Derek approach the seal.

With little other time available the only bird sighting of note was a flock of 300 Bar-tailed Godwits flying SW to NE.
(DB)    photos Roy Forshaw

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

25th February 2015

Weather: W force 4
The sun broke through during the morning leading to thoughts of spring. The few Meadow Pipits (photo AEH) now back on the island were doing their parachute display flight and the Dunnocks and Robins were also in good voice.
The first Daffodils (photo CJ) opened out into bloom, joining the Crocuses (photo AEH) in making a splash of colour, while the first Frog (photo AEH)and Honey Bee appeared.
 Three Skylarks came down around the top of the island and stayed for a short time, at least one was also in song (photo CJ), and another flew strongly north east off the north end. The Brent were counted at 192 including the dark-bellied bird, but only 2 Purple Sandpipers were seen at low tide, more evident were flocks of 120, 100, and 15 Sanderling flying north east just off the tide edge. Soon after dawn 2 Canada Geese flew east across between the islands. The sea was so quiet that it took many minutes looking just to find a single Great Crested Grebe. A male Common Scoter drifted passed the west side and out to sea off the north shore. 
 A Common Seal was parked on a rock just by the main slipway onto the island (photos CJ+AEH), and would not budge despite being closely approached, it may be sick and measures were put in place to have it attended to.
 Our regular mammal the rabbit certainly doesn't seem sick and was seen a couple of times racing through the paddocks. A female Kestrel today (photo AEH) could be new in, as most recent sightings refer to a male.


Monday, 23 February 2015

23rd February 2015

Weather: W force 5
The best find today were the paw prints of a Red Fox on the shore at Niffy bay, presumably it had been scavanging around the tide edge earlier. On the log were 160 Common Scoter, 45 Ringed Plover, 2 Grey Plover and 34 Redshank.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

21st February 2015

Weather: NW force 6
A very cold blustery day and one of the highest tides of the year saw many Common Scoters moving around mostly distantly, while the Brent could not be counted as they were bobbing about on the choppy sea off the north end, bird of the day however was a male Goosander. A single Rock Pipit was noted. There were no Black-headed Gulls seen over the tide and most of the Herring Gulls were immature birds.

Friday, 20 February 2015

20th February 2015

Weather: W force 2
Another before tide visit discovered the Grey Heron on the main pond again, male and female Common Scoter close in and a single dark-bellied Brent amongst the flock.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

19th February 2015

Weather: S force 1, rain
A brief visit found a Grey heron on the pond, a Little Egret on the shore and a Peregrine with a wader kill. A group of 4 Linnets visited Little Eye and 3 Meadow Pipits were on the main island together with 2 Robins and 6 Wrens.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

18th February 2015

Weather: SW force 3
Three hundred Knot flew high to the north, 10 Purple Sandpipers, 69 Redshanks and 60+ Turnstone were counted on the high tide. Five of the local Shelducks are back on the east side, 3 Dunnocks were singing and the first yellow Crocus was in flower.